Roof Renovation

Roof Renovation Penang

Renovation may seem an exciting prospect around this time of the year, but it doesn’t come with the promise of the desired output or a smooth ride through the rebuilding process. To start with, you must be able to differentiate between tearing off your existence roof and an overlay treatment. Both these aspects require thorough understanding, calculation, and planning during your roof renovation. As a resident, you might opt for roof renovation due to issue with your plumbing which may have caused unforeseen leakage, or cracks, that are the result of an earthquake or any other hazard.

If you are going for a complete tear-off of your existing roof, you must evaluate its financial credibility. Often, residents tend to spend quite a sum on their roof renovation while carelessly ignoring the problem of poor plumbing that wrecked havoc in the first place. However, if you opt for an overlay treatment, that is adding an additional roof, consult with your architect in order to confirm that the structure can support the overlay. If not planned well, this overlay treatment can end up putting additional stress on the physical structure of your apartment or home, thus setting the foundation of other unprecedented renovation problems.

For the ones who are not willing to spend a tremendous amount on their roof renovation, there are a few cost-effective options available. Residents can go for Spray-Applied Foam products which tend to offer the same functionality as overlayment. In some cases, there is a need for an alternative that is urgent. In such a scenario, you can opt for ‘cool roof’ coating. Working like an antiseptic, it is directly applied on the exposed or damaged part of the roof, thus serving its function.

Roof Renovation shouldn’t only about how much you can spend, or about the solution that can be implemented, but also about addressing the actual concern that led to the requirement of you having your roof repaired in the first place.