Door Renovation

Door Renovation Penang

Door renovation can be a tedious and tiring process if one is unsure of the process and the technicalities that are involved. Often, the need is to repair the old doors instead of going in for a new one. While new doors can be an option for the ones opting for complete rebuilding of their homes, for the majority, the mission is to get their old doors back to life. With the passage of time, consistent use, wear and tear, doors can lose their sheen, and cast an unimpressive look on the ones that visit our homes, and therefore, while planning your door renovation, there is a need for proper consultation and precise planning.

Firstly, determine how badly your doors require renovation. For the ones looking to repaint their old doors to complement their fresh interiors, it is mandatory to remove the doorknobs, plates, and the handles. There are quite a few options available in the market for doorknobs, each catering to different style and taste. After removing the above-listed entities, evaluate the need of a new paint. If you are looking for a real-wood finish, opt for an additional coat, else you could just cover the exposed areas with a fresh coat of paint.

The cracks that originate on the surface of your door must be treated using fillers. During the door renovation process, make sure you wipe your brush clean consistently to avoid an accumulation of dust and debris. When door renovation is underway, have the door painted with several thin layers of paint as that gives a shiny lasting finish. Make sure the paint you use doesn’t contain lead or any other harmful chemicals as they have dire consequences for the children.

Replacing your old doors can be costly and unnecessary. Therefore, it is advisable to have your old doors restructured with contemporary fittings, and repainted with paint and varnishes. Plan wisely and you can doodle around while your door renovation is completed.