Ceiling Renovation

Ceiling Renovation Penang

As a resident, when it comes to repairs and renovation, we overlook the importance of our ceiling and constitute our resources and attention towards getting the other aspects and areas right. People, today, are spending judiciously on their home interiors as they inculcate different styles ranging from vintage to contemporary. In this entire process, the importance of ceiling renovation is largely forgotten as people focus their attention towards curtains, doors, and windows for an elegant interior setup.

Ceiling renovation can be an exciting prospect for the lovers or art and architecture. For the ones that have a 9-12 feet ceiling, the options are immense. However, the ones with lower ceiling have no reason to be distressed. Ceiling renovation can make room for majestic chandeliers, extravagant lighting setups, and much more.

Alongside, you can also include beams and a few wooden details to enhance your ceiling. Darker shades, impeccable woodwork, and the presence of a mesmerizing lighting setup tends to raise everyone’s eyebrows towards your ceiling.

While ceiling renovation can offer room for various additions, it is important to evaluate the need for it in the first place. If there is a consistent presence of moisture due to a flaw in your plumbing, avoid excessive woodwork as that might be an open-invitation for termites. Also, make sure you calculate the weight and the stress added by the chandeliers on your ceiling.

Ceiling renovation shouldn’t only be about seeking an elegant design or cost-cutting solutions, but eliminating factors that hamper the sustained life of your ceiling. The additions discussed above for an elegant interior are often made when there is room for ceiling renovation. If you are looking for a short renovation period, using a fresh coat of paint for the exposed areas might prove to be useful.

Ceiling renovation can add the necessary spark to your interiors, along with enhancing your residential setup. Careful understanding, calculated planning, and a cumulative process can bring the desired output through ceiling renovation.